Albers Vista Gardens

The purposes for which this Corporation is formed are exclusively charitable, cultural, scientific, and educational and consist of the following objectives:

  1. To maintain and preserve in perpetuity the Albers garden in Bremerton, WA, its unique plant collection and topography, vistas, open space, natural and restored areas, the wildlife that uses the garden, and the ambience and beauty of the garden itself, for the enjoyment and education of the public.
  2. To collect, cultivate, propagate and aesthetically display plants from all parts of the world, and provide an opportunity for the public to experience and enjoy the wonderful diversity of plant life.
  3. To evaluate plant introductions for their garden worthiness, their adaptation to Puget Sound environmental conditions, and their potential for being invasive.
  4. To advance the understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of plant diversity and the vital role plants play in our environment.
  5. To educate the public on the origin, benefits, and use of horticulturally exceptional plants, the importance of conservation and the preservation of green spaces in our communities, the value of and approaches to alternatives to pesticide use, the creation of sustainable landscapes, and the removal of invasive species.


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